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Advertising is a risk. If you own a business, or if you're trying to
promote something, you’re looking to get the "best bang for
your buck."

We understand. And if you're checking out "Matchup," it's because we believe
this publication can help you. Advertising here is not a donation.The success of
your advertisement is my intention. Only businesses - or public-service groups -
who can benefit from being in this program are being contacted.

This game program allows you to reach a specific target market of people that
has not been available before: high school students, athletes, their parents and
sports fans.

We have a good thing going here. This is a quality product, and has huge potential.

You could be part of it. A lot of people see the potential and already believe in its success. Soon, there may not be
space available. If you’re trying to reach the people mentioned above, there isn’t a better way to do it.

You could spend your ad dollars in many ways. I’m asking you to consider "Matchup." What makes us different?

    •        It reaches your specific target market (high-school students their parents and sports fans).
    •        Your ad would be seen. It's a small program and the information within it gives fans a reason to look at every
    •        The programs are prized. It includes updated information and, next year, it will have an updated front-page
photograph of a player from the home school. Many fans and players use the program as a keepsake item.
    •        You can change your ads to fit each school, or adjust it for each game. Just give seven days notice.
    •        You would be recognized as that school's sponsor. You are helping the school provide a product that has not
been available until now.
    •        It's inexpensive. Rates range from $14 per game. For actual rate information, please contact me.
My contact
information can be found at the bottom of this page.

In these economic times, budgets are being tightened and supervisors are looking for better ways to spend their
money. Consider "Matchup." There isn’t another publication like it. Here, you know people are seeing your ad and,
since you're hitting your target market, there's a good chance they will act.

Fans are familiar with "Matchup," and look for it as soon as they enter the stadium (or gym). The information provided
is a hot topic, and your support of it will be a topic as well.

Call Bruce Smith at (801) 520-4330 for advertising rates and more information. I look forward to hearing from you.                                                                                        Phone: (801) 520-4330                                                                  Email: