I receive questions occasionally because I'm doing
something that is new to many people. Take a look
at the questions I've received so far.

Question:  I'd like to see copies of yearbooks you've published.
Where can I do that?

Answer: You can view pages of yearbooks right here on this website. Click here to go to that page. Also,
if you go to the
Testimonials page, you can find contact information of people who have asked me to
publish a yearbook for them previously.

Question: I'd like to have you publish a sports yearbook for my son (or daughter), but only for them. Can
you do that?

Answer: Whew, that's tough. Frankly, it would end up being too expensive. How about this? I could build
a yearbook for you, and we agree on a minimum amount (say ... 10). Then you can give the rest of
friends, other players, etc ... They would love you for it, and it would work out well for all of us.

Question: What sports do you make yearbooks for?

Answer: Virtually all team sports, and the biggest response has been for high-school teams. As of now,
I've done yearbooks for football, basketball (boys and girls), baseball, lacrosse, soccer, track & field and
tennis, but I anticipate volleyball, wrestling, swimming and other sports will soon follow. I had one lady
ask if I could do a yearbook for their school's band, but I declined. I'm a sports writer, so I would prefer to
stick to sports.

Question: Do you guarantee your work?

Answer: Sure. Keep in mind, too, that I try to do everything possible to reduce errors. For instance, you
will have access to a page here on my website that I will dedicate so you can see each page of the
yearbook as I finish it. I've had several cases where coaches (or booster club officials) were so anxious
to see their yearbook that they edited right here online, and then sent me emails to note corrections. You
will also receive a "proof," which is like an actual copy of the yearbook, before the final product is
produced. There will be changes needed, but this way we can combine our efforts to make it the best

Question: Do your yearbooks follow a certain format?

Answer: For the most part, yes. However, each sport is different and so is each team. I try to learn as
much about the team for whom I'm producing a yearbook, and construct the yearbook the best way.
Each yearbook should recap every game, have as many names as possible, lots of photographs, and I
try to find something special that happened to each team during the season. Some schools don't like to
publish their statistics, so I've tried something else. If you look at some of my past yearbooks, you
should recognize the format, but please note I'm not locked into it and formats can change with each

Question: Our team isn't in your area. Can you still do a sports yearbook for us?

Answer: Yes. That's not a problem. In fact, I welcome the chance to do yearbooks from schools all over
the country. There are a few differences from how I deal with my local schools, but with the Internet,
email, phone and overnight delivery, it doesn't change much.

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