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This publication is completed and is scheduled to be
made available to fans at Northridge High School's
home game Dec. 11 and each one afterward.

The program has 28 pages. To access each page,
simply click the appropriate link below.

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Northridge boys basketball
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Page           Description

1                   Cover

2                   Davis Hospital ad

3                   Table of Contents

4-5                Northridge 2012-13 season preview

6-7                Coach Chad Sims bio

8                    Raise the Roof, Watson Management ads

9                    Northridge assistant coaches bios (w/Bigler Insurance ad)

10                  Batteries Plus ad

11                  Varsity player profiles - Bigler, Christensen (w/Pace's ad)

12                  Varsity player profiles: Prince, Nicdao (w/Reeve ad)

13                  Varsity player profiles: Dyson, Armitstead (w/Comfort Dental, Smithing ads)

14                  Northridge varsity team photo (w/FBL Photography ad)

15                  Northridge varsity team roster (w/Ogden Clinic ad)

16                  Varsity player profiles: Perkins, Whitney (w/Speirs Plumbing ad)

17                  Varsity player profiles: Belnap, Adams (w/Heritage Park Dental ad)

18                  Varsity player profiles: Lake, Hinckley (w/Dairy Queen ad)

19                  Varsity player profiles: Colby, Bond, Goulding (w/Adams & Peterson ad)               

Clayson & Williams Eye Center, ABS Packaging ad

21                  Sophomore team photo/roster

22                  Sophomore player profiles (w/Barton Shoes ad)

23                  Sophomore player profiles (w/Shamrock Plumbing ad)

24                  Sophomore player profiles (w/Kastlerock Excavation, Snap Fitness ads)

25                  Sophomore player profiles (Health& Wellness Clinic ad)

26-27            Northridge basketball record book

28                  Back cover (Tanner Clinic ad)

Full page

Davis Hospital & Medical Center
Batteries Plus
Tanner Clinic

Half page

Clayson & Williams Eye Center
Heritage Park Dental
Robert Spiers Plumbing
ABS Packaging
Watson Management,
Ogden Clinic
Raise the Roof
Adams and Peterson
Pace's Drive Inn
Freddie Lacey
Dairy Queen
Snap Fitness
Reeve & Associates

Quarter page

Sonya Smithing
Comfort Dental
Kastlerock Excavation
Barton Comfort Shoes
Crown Builders
Shamrock Plumbing
Bigler Insurance