This publication was prepared for Skyline High School, of Salt
Lake City, Utah, and has been completed.

This yearbooks has 52 pages and includes well over 100
different photos. To access each page, click on the appropriate
link below.

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Page         Description

1                Cover page

2                Skyline player photos

3                Table of contents

4-5            Skyline girls soccer season recap

6-7            2012 game-by-game results

8                Game 1: Davis

9                Games 2-3: Mountain Crest, Sky View

10-11        Game 4: Eagles, Miners battle to a tie

12              Games 5-6: Syracuse, Highland

13              Skyline player photos

14              Games 7-8: Murray, Westlake

15              Games 9-10: Herriman, Hillcrest

16              Games 11-12: Olympus, Westlake

17              Skyline player photos

18-19        Game 13: 4A's top scorer helps whip Murray

20              Games 14-15: Herriman, Hillcrest

21              Games 16-17: Olympus, East

22-23        Game 18: Eagles get revenge on Timpanogos

24-25        Game 19: 4A semi is a heartbreaker

26-27        Skyline player photos

28              Region 7/4A in review

29              Postseason awards/statistics

30              Skyline girls soccer varsity team roster

31              Skyline player photos

32-33        Skyline JV season results

34-35        Senior profile: Ashley Aberton

36-37        Senior profile: Lauren Harmon

38-39        Senior profile: Alli Spencer

40              Senior profile: Meghan Davies

41              Senior profile: Julie Jacobs  

Senior profile: Kate Watts

43              Senior profile: Hannah Morris  

Senior profile: Katelynne Halliday

45              Senior profile: Kaitlin Parkin

46              Senior profile: Emily Cassell  

Senior profile: Madison Lokken

48              Senior profile: Elizabeth Armstrong

49              Skyline community assistance: Hser Ner Moo Welcome Center

50              Article: Skyline leans on speedy duo

51              Inside back cover photo

52              Back cover photo
This photo of Ashley Aberton
getting hugged after scoring a
goal highlights the cover of the
Skyline 2012 girls soccer
yearbook, but there's more. To
see the actual cover,
click here.