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This photo of the Wildcats' five seniors
highlights the cover of the WX 2012-13 boys
basketball program. To see the actual cover,
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Page           Description

1                   Cover

2                   Englewood Lofts ad  

Table of Contents  

Woods Cross 2012-13 season preview

6-7                Coach Kasey Walkenhurst bio

A-1 Driving, Academy Sports ads  

Woods Cross assistant coaches bios (w/Daynes ad)

10                  Dr. Justin Brown, Jane & Me, Wise Company ads  

Varsity player profiles: Harry, Tolk (w/Hadley ad)

12                  Varsity player profiles: Cowley, Jowers (w/MW Orthopedics ad)

13                  Varsity player profiles: Grant, Mokofisi (w/Bountiful Mazda, Gem Smith ads)

14                  Varsity player profiles: Holmes, Brown (w/Orange Leaf, Mike & Sterling's ads

15                  Varsity player profiles: Farnes, Jacobsen (w/Richard Rowe ad)

16                  Varsity player profiles: Muhlestein, Grant
(w/Johnsen/Johnsen and Parson/Barton ads)

17                  Varsity player profiles: Pohlman, Rogers
                 (w/Family Vision, Rosco Construction)

18                  Varsity player profiles: Howey (Action Locksmith, Soutie's)

19                  Jerry Seiner ad

20                  Christopher Nissan ad

21                  Varsity team roster (w/CrossFit ad)

22                  Varsity team photo (w/Rands Auto, Parsons ads)

23                  Region 6 information

24                  Sophomore team photo (w/Brick Oven ad)

25                  Sophomore team roster (w/Foot & Ankle Specialists ad)

26                  Sophomore player profiles (w/Fadel, Murphy's ads)

27                  Sophomore player profiles (w/Aqua, Rice & Strand ads)

28                  Sophomore player profiles w/Prime Alliance, Reynolds Auto ads)

29                  Sophomore player profiles (w/Dent Pro, Nielsen's Custard ads)

30                  Sophomore player profiles (w/Pond's Plumbing ad)

31                  Team managers (w/CAMP ad)

32                  WX girls basketball, Mindi Moon Hair, Bonneville Builders ads

33                  Administration (w/ ad)

34                  Dance Co./Drill team

35                  Cheerleaders (w/ Johnsen & Allpin Properties ad)

36                  SportsMed Utah ad

37                  Trader Roberts Spengler, Willey Ford, Spectrum Auto ads

38                  Booster Club (w/Quick Cash ad)

39                  Jacobsen Capital ad

40                  Wasatch Auto Group ad

Full page

Englewood Lofts
Nissan Automotive
Jerry Seiner
Jacobsen Capital
Wasatch Auto Group
SportsMed Utah

Half page

A-1 Driving
Johnsen & Allphin Properties
Johnsen & Johnsen Basketball Camp
Mountain West Orthopedics
Pond's Plumbing & Heating
Action Locksmith
Hadley Land Rover
Dr. Justin Brown
Academy Sports
WX Girls basketball

Quarter page

Foot & Ankle Specialists
Bonneville Builders
Bountiful Mazda
Brick Oven
Dent Pro
Farmer's Insurance
Gem Smith
Harrison Imports
Jane & Me
Mindi Moon Hair & Nails
Mike & Sterling's Floor Covering
Murphy's Guitar Shop
Nielsen's Frozen Custard
Orange Leaf
Prime Alliance Bank
Quick Cash
Reynolds' Car Wash
Richard Rowe Auto Care
Rosco Construction
Wise Food Storage
CAMP (Dr. Campbell)
Family Vision Care (Dr. Pace)
Rice & Strand Interior Design
Jeff Parson/Carl Barton
Daynes Eye & Lasik
Aqua Engineering
Trader Roberts Spengler
Willey Ford

Business card

Parson's Bakery
Rand's Auto
Spectrum Auto Group