Each yearbook can be a different size, usually
ranging from 40-60 pages, and prices are the same,
regardless. The publication has a color front and back
cover, as well as on the inside covers. There are also two
color pages in the middle of the book.

If you're interested in a yearbook for your sports team,
Matchup requests a $
200 deposit at the start of the
season. This shows me that you're serious. I will then
follow your team from then on, and be able to get a lot of
the work done before the season ends, and plan how to
make your yearbook the best possible.

With a $200 deposit, the additional costs are:

* - $25 each - unless another price is agreed-upon.

Now, there's always a possibility that a school might want
to purchase less than 8 yearbooks at the end of the
season. That's fine. If so, I will refund the difference. That
way, there's no risk on your part. So far, this has never
happened because the yearbook is a pretty nice product
and sells itself.  But I understand that schools - and
booster club organizations - are on a tight budget.
Therefore, I take the risk - not you.

To be honest, I don't really concern myself with that
possibility because
these yearbooks are a promotional
item for the school and I can even help make a bad
season look pretty good. Twenty years from now, the
players aren't going to care anyway. They're going to
remember their friends, and the good times.

My goal is to provide you with a great product, which the
players will appreciate in the years to come
. This
yearbook is much more valuable than a DVD highlight reel,
a blanket, a team hat or so many other items that are
available to you, and there are not many people who have
the ability to put together something so detailed. I look
forward to the opportunity to work with you.

* - Once you ask me to produce a yearbook, I will
deliver a contract (usually via email), which tells you
EXACTLY what I will do. I will also ask for the deposit
at that time.

* -
I will also ASK YOU (or the team) to provide me
with an updated roster as soon as it's available.
Later, I'll try to obtain statistics (game-by-game as
well as overall) and game photographs. Keep in
mind, too, that I may have access to photographs
from other sources.

* -
After the season is over, I will interview the coach
and a few players and begin working on the
yearbook. It will be finished at an agreed upon date,
which you will know well ahead of time.

* -
I will give you access to a page on my website,
where you can view the yearbook as I complete the
pages. When a "proof" is available, I will deliver it to
you, so you can edit the book to your liking.

Please note this is YOUR yearbook, and you have
the ability to request any changes within it.

is due when you return the proof to
me. I will then have the yearbooks printed and
delivered to you.                                                                        Phone: (801) 520-4330                                            Email: